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Electricity power patrol and checking solutions

Source:Shenzhen Baianda Communication Co,. Ltd.Time:2017-02-09

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◆  Introduction

     With the scale of China's power grid continues to expand, the overall increase in the overall number of electrical equipment, equipment inspection work put forward higher requirements. However, due to various factors, power equipment inspection work often have some problems, to a certain extent, affect the inspection quality, very detrimental to the safety of power equipment, stability, economic operation.


     The current inspection work is facing problems:
     1, defect inspection management work has been meters are the difficulty of the inspection department, and in place and defect statistics is defective inspection management work in the main problems;
     2, the development of power grids, unmanned substation to increase the inspection rate and the quality of inspections to monitor the problem has become increasingly prominent;
     3, the lack of focus on regular inspections of substations, especially vulnerable to damage to the important sections of lines and substations;
     4, inspection line staff knowledge level uneven, at the scene only by virtue of experience, there is no convenient standard can be in the field reference;
     5, a large amount of large-scale inspection equipment, patrol line of responsibility are good and bad. "Whether the patrol line is in place? Defects are not accurate enough? Defect description of how to maximize?" And other issues can not be verified;
     6, patrol the contents of the report varied, not the same description of the same defect, so that higher management can not determine the type of defects, but can not arrange treatment;
     7, four times a day during the patrol cycle of a large number of defects reported, accompanied by repeated reports of defects, by human can not be sorted at all, it can not provide a scientific basis for the elimination of defects;
     8, manual transcription defect records to make a huge workload, defective inspection efficiency is reduced, and the defect report section is not easy to save;
     9, manual paper records, in the complex data statistics, but also because of low efficiency, cumbersome is not conducive to the actual work;
     10, the existing production management system, many categories, varied, but the lack of effective means to integrate all the data.
     Therefore, we must take reasonable and feasible measures to improve the quality of inspection. Based on this, Anda Yun first analyzed the main problems in the inspection of electric power equipment, and then put forward the effective measures to improve the quality of electric equipment inspection.


◆  Solutions
      Substation equipment mobile inspection system introduced, completely changed the inspection work in a number of issues, mainly in the following areas:
      1, standardization of inspection workflow and defect description of the integration, so that more accurate and efficient inspection work;
      2, effectively ensuring the patrol inspection staff in place to improve the safety of equipment and line reliability, eliminate security risks;
      3, the use of wireless networks and mobile database technology, line inspection work to achieve the information management. Reducing the overall work processes, to avoid unnecessary mistakes.
      According to the "Substation Equipment Inspection Guide", "inspection procedures", combined with years of experience in mobile device development process, the inspection procedures and inspection operations guide section integrated in the substation equipment inspection system,

      Standardized the description of the defect records, the design of the substation equipment inspection system in accordance with the inspection department of the work flow of the question, improve efficiency, strengthen the staff in place management, improve the inspection of the information, paperless .

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