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The secret of Nanning traffic police derpartment

Source:Shenzhen Baianda Communication Co,. Ltd.Time:2017-02-14

     February 20, Nanning City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment of the front-line traffic police are equipped with "witnesses" law enforcement recorders for law enforcement, the capital police traffic law enforcement will be more standardized and accurate. The following are the same as the "
      According to the Ministry of Public Security, the autonomous region public security bureau on the provisions of the work of the police law enforcement requirements, in February this year, Nanning City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment in the autonomous region Public Security Department allocated 440 on the basis of law enforcement instruments, and the purchase of three hundred Taiwan, All the city line traffic police allotment use.


     The so-called law enforcement recorder, is a compact and lightweight camera, it has 131 ° large wide-angle infrared camera, 8 megapixel COM sensor, 1080P video resolution, 3cm away from the shooting, built-in microphone can be less than 5 meters Recording and other functions, the volume is only a mobile phone size, the use of hanging in the police shoulder or chest, can continue to work more than 8 hours, can be recorded at any time on duty police see, heard, said, for. After the use of law enforcement recorder, the police enforcement process will be recorded. The following are the same as the "
     According to the requirements of the autonomous regional public security bureau, such as law enforcement disputes, the police need to law enforcement supervision departments to provide law enforcement records recorded law enforcement process information, can not provide information, as law enforcement fault. To ensure that the police in law enforcement in strict accordance with the law, standardize the case. At the same time, against the malicious anti-law, refused to cooperate with law enforcement, including language insult, attack the police wrongdoing, but also played an effective role in forensics. 
     At present, the law enforcement recorder has been equipped with a line of police in the hands of Nanning City traffic police detachment is organizing the police to learn the use of law enforcement recorder training work, February 20, the city (including six counties) including road attendance law enforcement, traffic accident handling, Tube and illegal handling of the window, including a line of traffic police, will wear law enforcement recorders work.

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