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Source:Shenzhen Baianda Communication Co,. Ltd.Time:2017-02-09

Promote the national legal system

◆ Background and challenge

     With the acceleration of the legal system in China and the continuous construction of the legal society, the concept of the sunshine government and the rule of law continues to deepen the social strata, strengthen the construction of administrative law enforcement teams, improve the overall quality of law enforcement personnel and civilized law enforcement The In March this year, the General Office of the State Council issued a Circular on Strengthening Law Enforcement of Safety Production Supervision, which mentioned the establishment of a system of filing the whole process of on-site enforcement, requiring all law enforcement officers to use the portable mobile enforcement terminal before the end of 2017, Strict law enforcement, scientific law enforcement, civilized law enforcement, fair and impartial handling, improve the efficiency of law enforcement cases, become the urgent need to address the current situation.

Application scenario

◆ Solutions
     Andayun law enforcement recorder management platform solutions to achieve video capture, management, storage and query, is the public security law enforcement or public security inspectors a strong starting point. Law enforcement recorder management platform by the law enforcement data collection side; law enforcement recorder, law enforcement data management side; recorder collection station, law enforcement management platform and so on. For example, in the provincial public security bureau system deployment, recorder collection station deployment area police station, law enforcement recorder is responsible for collecting and uploading; recorder collection station, management system using public security network connection, from the grassroots police station to the public security bureau different users can pass Browser access, different levels of users can specify different permissions. The whole system can automatically copy and upload law enforcement information, save a lot of manpower and time, improve the efficiency of public security law enforcement. 

◆ Value
     01. business system
     Comprehensive coverage of law enforcement supervision of the field entry, video information annotation, comments, statistical analysis, log audit and system management and other key links for law enforcement supervision and management provides a complete functional support.

     02. Distributed architecture
     The use of distributed technology integration of the collection station of the law enforcement recorder equipment, efficient docking and effective protection of the original investment;
     03.Flexible deployment advantages
     Based on our cloud storage architecture, the deployment of flexible and convenient to support the gradual expansion of the scale of the system. Add storage nodes online, automatic load balancing, second-level retrieval.

     04.SOA architecture model
     Using the most popular SOA architecture model, the system has a very easy maintenance, business service providers and business services users loose coupling and the adoption of open standards to ensure the realization of the characteristics. And has a higher availability, developers do not need to understand the details of the technical details, better scalability can be better so that service providers can be independent of each other to adjust to meet the different needs of the service. The real system so that cross-platform, cross-system compatibility, scalability.

     05.Cloud Storage Search

    The provision of cloud storage, the use of distributed file systems and large databases should be massive audio and video data storage and indexing, log data storage, analysis applications, effective response to the continuous expansion of law enforcement information generated huge storage and management pressure.

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