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Public security department video detection solution

Source:Shenzhen Baianda Communication Co,. Ltd.Time:2017-02-09

◆ Introduction

     Combined with the current public security for the actual needs of the video investigation work, Anda Yun proposed the construction of public security organs video surveillance system construction goals, mainly around the actual needs of public security, based on video image sharing platform, bayonet system, vehicle data integration system And the police business system, based on the use of video image analysis technology, image processing technology and cloud computing technology, combined with the actual combat to explore a new type of video detection technology and tactics, through the video detection technology and other professional and technical means of organic integration, integrated application , The video detection work to achieve intelligent, practical, simple, efficient。 

◆ The advantages

    Andayun video detection solution, based on the rapid detection of video and easy to use, based on "cloud storage, cloud computing" architecture and "tooling" development concept, in the provision of mass video image information library secondary search services at the same time, But also to the system of intelligent analysis and ease of use to the extreme, and fully meet the public security video detection business needs of the police application for the rapid detection of fast break, an effective fight against crime provides an important support.

     Complete one hour HD condensed abstract processing in 1 minute
Groundbreaking use of cloud technology, combined with intelligent, completely subvert the human sea tactics in the inefficient detection of pain points, the achievements of video detection applications of the new height.

     One entry, full sharing
Unified video image information database and fast retrieval service, to achieve second-level sharing and search, a single police officers of the investigation information gathered through the system to the view information pool, other authorized police officers can quickly retrieve information through the keyword to achieve The value of the view information is maximized.

     An instruction, full collaboration
Based on the event to establish a multi-police virtual case area, breaking the time, space, resources and police barriers, rapid division of labor, timely sharing, police coordination, efficient handling case.

     Tools are available, tactical diversity
With video, images, vehicles and cases of the four major categories of more than 20 kinds of visual inspection tools and tactics, effectively assist the investigators at all levels of investigation work.

     Close to the assessment, easy to use, to promote universal popularity
From the unit, the individual, the system, the equipment and so on the statistical analysis, the frequency and the application effect, and provide the effective basis for the examination; At the same time the system is simple to use, different age, the different education level the police can grasp the And use, to promote the detection technology in the police universal.
     From the actual combat, to the actual battle


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