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Traffic Police Enforcement Solution

Source:Shenzhen Baianda Communication Co,. Ltd.Time:2017-02-09

Accurate recognition ,Efficient operation

◆ Description

     Andayun traffic police vehicle mobile police system consists of four parts: vehicle law enforcement monitoring system, wireless network system, mobile police management platform and traffic illegal processing platform. Vehicle law enforcement monitoring system with real-time video surveillance, mobile bayonet capture, vehicle character recognition, vehicle illegal capture and route, vehicle satellite positioning and front-end than on the other functions. With the help of 4G and other wireless networks, with the center management platform, you can achieve the illegal mobile capture, mobile monitoring and police control dispatch and other public security traffic control business, command center to investigate and deal with illegal vehicles, police timely handling of emergencies, Supervise the law enforcement process, so as to improve the response ability, protect front-line police officers and the legitimate rights and interests of the parties to promote the standard law enforcement level.

 The advantages

    Automatically capture the vehicle
    Can automatically identify the roadside illegal parking vehicles, and automatically capture evidence, record illegal video.

    · A variety of illegal types of capture
    For a variety of traffic violations, including vehicles illegal change, pressure line driving, retrograde, yellow grid line violations, etc., through the car keyboard a key capture evidence.

    · Vehicle movement check
    Support the vehicle through the bayonet capture, identification; can be on the vehicle intelligent host on the vehicle control, alignment, early warning.

    · Car video enforcement record
    Car video surveillance equipment can be multi-angle, the entire process of recording law enforcement; is conducive to fixed on-site evidence of the accident, regulate law enforcement behavior, improve the efficiency of event handling.

    · Police car positioning command dispatch
    Can be on the police car satellite positioning, generate driving trajectory; can be through the video voice intercom dispatch police car, real-time understanding of the scene.

    · Illegal data processing audit
    Can be captured on the illegal data synthesis, superimposed OSD and other processing; support for illegal records of data three audit; support illegal data automatically upload six-in-one platform.

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