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Railway transportation monitoring solution

Source:Shenzhen Baianda Communication Co,. Ltd.Time:2017-02-09

Let safety catch up with speed

◆ Introduction

     According to China's long-term railway network planning, as of the end of 2015, China will build 42 high-speed railway passenger line, basically built to "four vertical and four horizontal" as the backbone of the national rapid passenger network, the total mileage will be more than 19,000km. With the construction of high-speed railway and the fine railway management, the original analog video surveillance system has been unable to meet the needs of video surveillance, more and more sites in the construction has begun planning high-definition video surveillance system. Anda cloud launched a high-definition, networked digital video surveillance solution for the railway system, according to the special needs of the railway, from the railway along the station to the station monitoring room, and then to the Railway Bureau to monitor the command center, and finally to the China Railway Corporation Multi-level, large-scale, complete and reliable high-definition video surveillance solutions to achieve advanced remote networking HD video surveillance.

◆ Advantages
     (1) integrated application management: the system for the station, the line provides video, alarm, voice and other data access, storage, distribution, business processing and other comprehensive production safety emergency command application platform to provide one-stop application solutions.
     (2) superior environmental adaptability: the use of explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, dust, waterproof industrial front-end equipment to meet the explosive, high temperature, corrosion and other harsh application environment;
     (3) full HD digital applications: the full realization of high-definition image applications, from front-end acquisition, encoding transmission, video storage, decoding playback and other links are achieved high-definition processing; full digital architecture solutions, easy to deploy, easy to manage, easy to maintain ;
     (4) high system security: the system provides user access authentication, front-end equipment access authentication, complete hierarchical rights management; video recording digital signature processing to prevent data tampering;
     (5) high data security: monitoring center configuration of the storage device supports RAID 0,1,5 and other security redundancy format, data storage capacity, storage time is long, if the hard disk can be set directly after the hot spare, Will not lose video data, data security, real 7 * 24 uninterrupted work.

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