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Airport HD video monitoring solution

Source:Shenzhen Baianda Communication Co,. Ltd.Time:2017-02-09

◆ Introduction

     In the construction and management of the airport, the construction of safety management has always been the top priority, should be able to cover the various functional areas of the airport, so the need to consider the overall security from the airport security system design, and effectively enhance the airport Event response capability and safety service level. The program for the airport functional areas, including the terminal, flight area, freight area, land side, parking and other full HD video surveillance coverage, and the use of the latest direct storage technology, the video will be unified storage , A comprehensive platform for professional control.

◆ Solution dvantages 
     1, a comprehensive HD: the overall provision of a comprehensive high-definition solutions, intelligent high-definition equipment to support video intelligent behavior analysis, video quality intelligent diagnosis, intelligent face recognition and a series of intelligent functions.
      2, advanced technology: live flow through the multicast, storage flow end to end from the front-end camera directly into the storage device, do not need to store the server forward, to avoid the storage server failure to bring the video storage problem.
      3, easy to use: custom launch for the airport industry application of personalized platform, integration access control, alarm, intelligence, 3D and other business functions, easy management, easy operation, easy to retrieve.
      4, the system is reliable: front-end camera built-in memory card; using high-definition program, the system single point of failure. Through the video cache, storage N + M backup makes the system safe and reliable.


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