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Highway intelligent video monitoring solutions

Source:Shenzhen Baianda Communication Co,. Ltd.Time:2017-02-09

◆ Introduction

     The highway electromechanical system is under the management facilities of traffic engineering (safety facilities, management facilities and service facilities). Expressway electromechanical system is divided into six systems, namely, monitoring system, communication system, charging system, low voltage power supply and distribution system, lighting system, tunnel mechanical and electrical engineering system. In the process of highway construction and development, monitoring, charging, communication three systems are synchronized, coordinated development.
      Anda cloud high-speed video surveillance mainly around the high-speed electrical and mechanical systems in the monitoring system, communication systems and charging system for construction and design. The whole system uses the provincial center, sub-center, grass-roots monitoring unit three-tier management structure. Toll stations and tunnels are managed by gigabit self-healing ring networks to their respective management stations. The field is directly connected to the monitoring sub-center via the gigabit self-healing ring network. The monitoring sub-center can be accessed through the SDH / MSTP transmission network to the provincial monitoring center.

       1. Panorama splicing: used in the service area, toll stations and key sections without dead angle monitoring
      2. Network information release: integrated applications, efficient control, support for video, intelligent weather and other linkage
      3.HDCVI coaxial HD: the transformation of existing tunnels, reduce the impact of traffic, to protect the safety of the site
      4. Super-detection: support non-stop measurement weight, height and width measurement, reduce the impact of high-speed access
      5. Road intelligent analysis applications: station, station and center to protect the video is not lost
      6. Smile detection: to enhance the level of service charges


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