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The competition between the monitoring systems in coal mine

Source:Shenzhen Baianda Communication Co,. Ltd.Time:2017-02-09

      The competition between the monitoring systems in coal mine

      With the coal mine monitoring market a new round of demand for transformation of the strong, more and more security companies have been concerned about the coal mine safety monitoring market. In the technical superiority, the traditional security companies may do with the coal mine business is not much difference, the main challenge mainly from the industry needs to understand and industry threshold. Technically speaking, security technology has been relatively mature, but the coal industry belongs to the field of industrial automation, even in terms of power supply, and commercial and civilian areas are very different; In addition, the coal field is relatively closed, companies only in-depth understanding of demand After the development to meet the actual needs of the product, if the coal demand do not understand, blindly into the field, it is difficult to get user acceptance. The main suppliers of coal mine security systems are: security enterprises, software enterprises or integrated automation enterprises, coal enterprises below the relevant enterprises, the specific types of security enterprises are:

      First, to provide a single product-based professional manufacturers. Such manufacturers mainly to provide explosion-proof equipment. As the coal mine environment is complex, the monitoring equipment not only in the anti-electromagnetic interference, transmission stability, anti-blasting have the corresponding requirements, especially the underground monitoring equipment, but also requires the need for coal mine safety certification equipment can be installed in the underground use. It is understood that the end of 2009, China has qualified production of explosion-proof camera manufacturers only a dozen, by 2010 China has qualified production of explosion-proof camera manufacturers to reach 40, in addition to more than 10 production of professional explosion-proof protective cover manufacturers.
      Second, to provide a variety of products used in the coal industry security enterprises. Such enterprises are mainly traditional security products manufacturing enterprises, can provide a variety of products for the coal mine, the main application in the ground monitoring.
      Third, to provide industry solutions for security companies. Such enterprises according to the actual business process of coal industry users, for users to develop tailor-made coal mine safety monitoring integrated monitoring system, such enterprises generally have a strong overall strength, while deep into the coal industry, the customer needs to understand More thorough, for the actual needs of coal mines, developed the design of the relevant solutions.

      Development direction of technology in coal mine monitoring system

      At present, the relevant state departments of the coal mine made a request: non-scale production, non-intensive production, non-circular economy is not produced, non-safety standards do not produce. Under the guidance of this policy, the national invisible from the spread of coal-based integration to change the wind. Such as Shandong Province in 2010 coal industry plate integration and reorganization, integration of the main body to include the provincial six coal enterprises. With the completion of the integration of coal enterprises, the demand for security monitoring networking will increase. At the same time the continuous development of network technology, coal mine monitoring system is also a combination of the original modulus monitoring system gradually transition to the current network, wireless, intelligent monitoring system. Regardless of which approach, which technology to meet the monitoring system of the three principles of effectiveness, that is to meet the effectiveness of the monitoring screen, monitoring the effectiveness of the equipment itself and monitoring the effectiveness of the act. Only three parts of the effective and closely with, in order to ensure real-time monitoring system. From the current technological development point of view, the development trend of coal mine monitoring industry are:

      1, multi-service transmission platform technology
      Most of the coal mine system has been built video conferencing, automated production safety detection system, production scheduling video surveillance system, 110 alarm monitoring system, the traditional solution is through the construction of multiple sets of independent transmission system to achieve the required data required transmission. However, the construction of several sets of independent transmission system, there are poor compatibility, poor sharing, duplication of investment, complex operation and many other shortcomings. The future of the monitoring system transformation, the transformation of the transmission system has become the key to the current safe production. There are some security companies launched a set of video, two-way audio, switch, environmental data, smart ball control data, network data, network management data, telephone voice data multi-service data transmission platform Guangduan Ji, through a transmission equipment and a core fiber basic On the coal mine monitoring industry can be all the data transmission. This technology not only saves a lot of wiring costs, but also can greatly reduce maintenance costs, the future monitoring and upgrading of the coal mine monitoring industry is a great help.

      2, intelligent network search and penetration technology
      With the coal industry monitoring system scale construction gradually expanded, the requirements of the network monitoring system will become increasingly urgent. The original monitoring system are basically scattered, independent, to be able to connect through the enterprise network or the Internet to the Group Monitoring Center, to achieve centralized monitoring and management of the Group's monitoring center, which requires network coding equipment with support for cross-gateway and routing Of the network through the technology, through the monitoring center in the group monitoring software system, direct search connected to the Internet network coding equipment.

      3, wireless transmission technology
      With the laying of 3G base stations, 3G signal coverage is also more and more widely, compared to wireless microwave technology, 3G signal interference situation is relatively small, can be expected to 3G transmission will be a mine wireless monitoring transmission Mainstream.

     4, intelligent video surveillance technology
     The effectiveness of the monitoring behavior is that the monitoring system can detect the abnormal situation within the scope of monitoring and timely and effectively, and can effectively prevent the occurrence of criminal cases. With the large-scale construction of the coal industry monitoring system to promote large-scale video capture amazing, more and more difficult to manpower from the massive video surveillance screen to find abnormal conditions, and effective treatment. Statistics show that people in the continuous observation of 12 minutes 2 or more road video images, the observers will miss 45% of the scene. And in the 22 minutes after the continuous observation will miss 95% of the scene. Moreover, the operator of the monitoring system is faced with a large number of scenes are complex, at any time of the incident monitoring screen, it is difficult to detect abnormal changes, which require technical means to solve these problems. Intelligent video surveillance technology, including behavior analysis, face recognition and other technologies, it is with the traditional traditional monitoring technology is essentially different from the use of video behavior analysis technology can be on the screen to analyze the object to determine the behavior of the object trajectory, the target form Change, and by setting a certain condition and rules to determine the abnormal behavior, and generate alarm signals, through the wired or wireless network transmission, the analysis results sent to the control center in an effective way (sound, light) alarm to the duty officer, In order to make a quick response. At present in the field of monitoring, intelligent video surveillance has been relatively mature, hinder its marketing is one of the main reasons is the price is too high, and with the market capacity, cost reduction, intelligent video surveillance will gradually become popular in the coal mine monitoring industry.

      5, monitoring networking platform networking technology
      With the further development of technology, the independent work of the monitoring and testing system will also continue to integrate the trend, while the security system has been unable to exist alone in the coal mine, but to integrate into the coal mine automation system, as a automation system Subsystems exist, this time platform networking technology will be more applications.


      At present, China is perfecting the integration of coal enterprises, with the development of integration, coal enterprises on the demand for security monitoring network will grow. At the same time the continuous development of network technology, coal mine monitoring system is also a combination of the original modulus monitoring system gradually transition to the current network, wireless, intelligent monitoring system. Video monitoring system and production automation system integration, integration with OA office system, the use of behavioral analysis of intelligent detection technology, 3G and other technologies to achieve coal mine monitoring network construction, will be the development trend of coal mine monitoring industry. With the continuous introduction of coal reform policy, the coal industry information reform continues to deepen, new technologies will be gradually applied to explore the people's livelihood in this important industry.

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