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Application of video monitoring system in Policing Informationization

Source:Shenzhen Baianda Communication Co,. Ltd.Time:2017-02-09

     With the rapid development of China's urban rail transit industry, the security system has also developed a new application and development trend in the field of rail transit. This paper analyzes the security requirements of the current rail transit, the demand of the security system and so on, and combines the rail transit Security system construction to explain the characteristics of rail transit security applications.

     In order to adapt to the changes in the new situation, along with the gradual advancement of police information construction, the Ministry of Public Security from various business bureaus to the provincial Public Security Bureau, are combined with their own business needs, the establishment of a wealth of information resources, and actively in this foundation To carry out new applications. However, with the continuous application of video information, how to avoid the coexistence of many applications when the information island phenomenon, how to solve the unified management of multiple systems, how to achieve the sharing of different image resources, but also more and more public security organs Visualization must be considered when applying the problem.

    As a public security organs of professional video application solutions experts, Baida not only for all levels of public security organs to provide safe city, mobile police, prison security integrated management, simultaneous recording video, online inspectors, visual command and dispatch, video conferencing and other professional , Rich series of video application solutions, and can be unified, standardized public security image information integrated application platform, which can achieve the unified management of these video applications, unified calls, unified storage and unified display.

     Peace city: intelligent, Internet, nerwork

     Ping'an city in the protection of people's lives play a pivotal role, with the continuous expansion of the scale of video surveillance, safe cities around the development process in recent years have encountered a relatively fragmented front-end construction, self-built point coverage is not wide enough, the image Clarity is not enough, the image resources are not fully integrated and other issues, so the follow-up construction of safe city still long way to go. In view of the problems and the next development trend of Ping'an city construction at present, Baida has introduced a new generation of safe city system solution, from the network of high-definition, wireless coverage, to the whole system of networking and integration, to Public security upper business applications, through the construction of efficient social security and control system, and comprehensively enhance the safe city of public security police work in the actual combat effectiveness.

     A new generation of safe city integration of the electronic police subsystem, intelligent traffic subsystem, image detection and evaluation subsystem, online prevention and control subsystem. The electronic police subsystem uses high-definition, intelligent, network, multi-level cascade and other new technologies, providing high-definition real-time monitoring of road, intelligent analysis, illegal capture, vehicle control and alarm, data statistics, etc. to meet the needs of users improve the function The Intelligent traffic subsystem to traffic management on a series of needs-oriented road to provide real-time high-definition real-time monitoring, intelligent analysis, illegal capture, vehicle control and alarm, data statistics fit the user needs of the perfect function. Image detection and judgment subsystem to image detection business process-oriented, relying on intelligent technology, close fit the actual work of police handling the case for the image analysis business to provide a set of "systematic, network, intelligent, standardized" application system The Online prevention and control subsystem combined with the task allocation mechanism, unified by the administrator to do the upper task of the patrol mission, the police station patrol through the video patrol way to the city of each location for each view, so active defense, to enhance the safety of the city Sex.

     With the rapid development of security technology, public security on the safe city planning and demand is also becoming more mature and clear, its construction focus from the number of distribution points to the management application changes, and safe city construction is also facing the monitoring network, high-definition and platform integration The impact of the wave of technology. At the same time, the expansion of pre-project standards, from the SD upgrade to high-definition, product maintenance and other issues, making safe city construction in the new era of transformation of the road into a new stage. Of course, this is a higher level of advanced, after transformation, safe city in the future development, application, integration and so will become more perfect.

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