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QHow do upload the data in video recorder ? If can be directly connect with the computer?
Hello, you do not need to plug in the computer, you can upload through the data collection station, the recorder will automatically copy the law enforcement information, and the information automatically uploaded to the specified information server, after uploading automatically delete the data in the recorder Copy the law enforcement information to do the finishing, and upload to the background of electronic evidence management system, the whole process can be access to law enforcement recorder to charge.
QIs the data collection station safe? Is it leak?
Don't worry, the system can set the authority of each police officer, including upload permissions, download permissions, searchable data range (the unit, Units, subordinate units) and so on. You can go to the Division I, the technical staff on-site demonstration operation to understand.
QWhich formats of file can be supported?
Almost all the fomal audio and video file formats are supported, including andio (avi, mp4, mov, wav, MPG, 3GS, WMV, ASF , FLV, etc .), image files (jpg, BMP, TIF, PCX, TAG, GIF, D ...)
QCan you research and develop system for coal mines?
Of course, Baida Communications professional for all walks of life to provide mobile monitoring solutions, including not only hardware equipment, but also includes advanced data management platform (data collection, data management, remote scheduling). Management platform combines the mobile Internet technology, cloud computing technology, Internet of Things technology and many other cutting-edge technology for front-line staff to provide wireless mobile services, to solve the information network within the whole business system, all data resources, mobile security to intelligent professional terminal jobs. If you are interested, you can call the service hotline: 400-8353-880, for more professional information.

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