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Data acquisition workstation
BAD-C1 Data acquisition workstation

BAD-C1 Data acquisition workstation

Category:Data acquisition workstation

Support for a wide range of file formats: In addition to support the law and time to collect audio and video files (avi, mp4, mov, wav) and image files (jpg), but also supports almost all of the current audio and video file formats, commonly used audio and video files such as MPG...

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Product introduction

◆ Product Functions

 Support file format
In addition to supporting the audio and video files (avi, mp4, mov, wav) and image files (jpg) collected by the law enforcement instrument, it supports almost all audio and video file formats, commonly used audio and video files such as MPG, 3GS, WMV, ASF , FLV, etc .; commonly used image files such as BMP, TIF, PCX, TAG, GIF, DIB and so on.
Automatically extract feature information
The audio and video features such as file name, production time, compression algorithm, sampling stream, video screen size and audio frequency are automatically extracted from the video and image data of the imported platform. For video files, the system automatically extracts the first frame of the video file for display.
Streaming files are automatically generated
The system can automatically generate streaming media files such as FLV, MP3 for preview, easy to network users directly through the web to play streaming media audio and video files.
 Bulk data upload
In addition to the automatic upload of data on the collection station, the user can upload the image, video and audio to the server other than the data collected by the law enforcement instrument through the browser.

Free data customization
Management platform in the data classification, the department set the user can customize their own, fully realize the personality of words.

Data statistics
Statistics of different upload time, different important levels of data, statistics police officers upload the workload, the statistical results in the form of charts, statements presented.
User and rights management
The system can set the permissions of each police officer, including upload permissions, download permissions, searchable data range (the unit, the higher unit, subordinate units), the user can set the authority of each police officer, Wait.
| Meet the latest Ministry of Public Security
Support read, modify the device number, alarm, synchronization law enforcement time, when the law enforcement instrument access automatically read the law enforcement device data, read the success of the data automatically removed from the law enforcement device, the data read is completed, automatically on the law enforcement device Charge. The number of USB ports supported by the collection station is unlimited and can be customized.
Fast acquisition speed
Single law enforcement instrument data (16GB storage) upload 30 minutes to complete, 16 law enforcement (16GB storage) at the same time data upload, 2 hours all the data collection is completed.


◆ Technical Parameters









19 INCH  Resolution :1280*1040

Professional industrial control mainboard

Intel CPU

DDR3 1600 4G


System hard disk 

Storage hard disk         



Extensible disk


SSD 60G 



20 mouth

6 hard drive slots at most, SAS hard drive is available, 

the maximum scalable 36T

 SP1 X32

◆ Application scenarios



◆ Optional application fields


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