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Sustainable development of the law enforcement video recorder

Source:Shenzhen Baianda Communication Co,. Ltd.Time:2017-02-14

    These years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet and mobile media, law enforcement agencies individual staff uncivilized law enforcement phenomenon is often exposed to the formal law enforcement caused adverse effects. In this context, the community called for transparent law enforcement, civilized law enforcement increasingly high voice, but also by the relevant state agencies response, and with the front-line law enforcement officers on the recognition of civilized law enforcement, law enforcement recorder market will enter the development of blowout stage.

     Market disorderly competition intensified

    Now from the point of view of market analysis of law enforcement recorder, mobile police equipment is in a rapidly rising state, but there is also a trend of disorderly competition. The main reason is that with the expansion and opening of the law enforcement recorder market, The number of manufacturers is very much, according to the Ministry of Public Security procurement list of qualified list, there are nearly 100 of the entry into the enterprise can participate in the law enforcement recorder market bidding qualifications. These enterprises because of the size and industry differences, so the development of the industry and the interests of the grasp is not in place, many manufacturers are also the interests of the pursuit of the purpose, not too much to consider the product development and contribution to the industry, resulting in the homogenization of products on the market very serious. Enterprises in the product function to copy each other imitation, if the emergence of a product in the market there are new features, other manufacturers will go to imitate the plagiarism, and ultimately result in similar functions of the product, and the decline in profits.

     Trends of integrated procurement

     As the law enforcement record the largest purchase of the department, the public security system procurement model is also quietly changing from the original provincial and municipal unified procurement, and now the money will be allocated to the various municipalities, the county bureau for independent procurement, mainly taking into account every A public security system will be based on their own needs to buy products, increase the effectiveness of product purchase and mobility. For example, before the provincial and square feel that the equipment is very good, but the various bureaus, branch office is not appropriate, resulting in waste of procurement products. However, for the industry, because the law enforcement recorder in the bidding of openness, access threshold is not high, so the decentralization of procurement time, for some remote areas and underdeveloped markets, will let some small-scale manufacturers , The workshop has the opportunity to develop. But the future trend is biased towards the overall procurement methods, buyers will be in accordance with their own needs, list the procurement list, including product configuration requirements, manufacturers qualification review, some large projects also include software, certification, authorization requirements and other requirements. The procurement of law enforcement instruments will proceed from a single product to a systematic path, including law enforcement recorders, law enforcement stations, and law enforcement management platforms.

     The R&D strength of small company is not enough
     From the exhibitors in the exhibition to inform the equipment parameters, and now many manufacturers are not very objective to express the real parameters of the situation. For example, the implementation of the law enforcement instrument lens and photographic chip does not support the publicity of the pixels, even if some chips to support such a high pixel, but also fail to achieve that effect, so through some unscientific test method to get the camera Pixels, such as 16 million pixels, 20 million pixels, 34 million pixels are not scientific. For this industry phenomenon, the authorities also saw the malpractice, so in the new line standard, has this piece of reference canceled.

     The re-enactment of the law enforcement recorder standard will be from a single product to a systematic product, systems engineering such a holistic solution. And customers are now using the system and equipment, some are new procurement, and some are purchased before, which manufacturers in the system integration, docking, compatibility and other aspects of the request, if the enterprise itself is not the ability to develop, then the large system management platform If the technical services can not keep up, then it may fall behind. The current traffic police system made a request last year - the equipment must be equipped with a management system. So since last year, many small-scale manufacturers to survive the pressure is relatively large.

     More and more video recorders has been used
     In the past few years, the market feedback a lot of mobile police equipment assigned to the hands of police officers, the utilization rate is not very high, most of them are stacked in the warehouse, as a kind of furnishings, but now the situation has been greatly improved. First of all, this is a big background with the country, the top design has a relationship, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the rule of law, the Ministry of Public Security law enforcement construction, are top-down recognition of law enforcement instruments to the entire law enforcement system in law enforcement To help, which is from the leadership to recognize the importance of law enforcement recorder, the future law enforcement should be civilized law enforcement, open law enforcement.

     Second, at the front line of police, as the beginning of the law enforcement record instrument to wear did not cause their attention, and there are individual staff may misinterpret the meaning of the upper leadership, that with such a law enforcement recorder is to monitor their law enforcement, May see a bigger problem. But with the standardization of law enforcement construction and popularization, the concept of front-line police has also changed from the original leadership requirements to wear, and now take the initiative to wear their own, they really feel the convenience and benefits of law enforcement instruments.

     Finally, from the ministries to the provincial hall, the city council, and now have reached a consensus - to increase the intensity of the product. From the original one to the next year to the requirements of a line of police on hand, from the original purchase back into the warehouse, to the law enforcement police now feel the benefits of wearing to bring them, reflects the fairness and justice is becoming a kind of society Demand, but also reflects the development of China's law enforcement standardization process.

    The law enforcement video recorder VS Internet

    Law enforcement recorder from the beginning of the small batch profits to the present large quantities of small profits, reflecting the process of mature market. But now a wide range of manufacturers of disorderly competition, leading to many products are very difficult. So to seek differentiated competition, open up research and development of high-end products to meet the user's intelligent, customized business needs, companies need to invest in innovation and breakthrough. For example, now developed intelligent law enforcement recorder, is the law enforcement recorder from the original single, ordinary upgrade to high-definition, intelligent products. Through the "Internet +" redefine the law enforcement recorder market, the law enforcement recorder is divided into ordinary law enforcement recorder and intelligent law enforcement recorder. Therefore, from the small profit to the process of reasonable profit changes, manufacturers can use technology innovation to achieve value-added, reflecting a company in the independent innovation ability of the core competitiveness.



     Now the profitability of intelligent law enforcement recorder is higher than that of ordinary law enforcement recorder, not only in hardware equipment, but also in its powerful Internet and mobile Internet network technology, as well as a strong background management system and the overall solution, Which will make the product in the performance of a whole rise.

     The market of law enforcement recorder is spreading

      From the trend of market development, law enforcement recorder in the standardization of law enforcement has been by the public security, traffic police extended to the fire, health, urban management and transportation, from the original single sector to the country's law enforcement agencies. March 2015 the State Council issued a document requiring the end of 2017 all law enforcement agencies should be equipped with law enforcement terminal, indicating that the law enforcement of the user units continue to increase, procurement demand will increase. Another increase in the market is from the original few people with a law enforcement recorder, to the current public security departments require one with a, virtually the demand expanded several times.

     In overseas markets, the United States Ferguson case of the shooting of black boys, causing the US government on law enforcement records of concern, and for this special allocation of hundreds of millions of dollars to buy law enforcement related products. So in the field of law enforcement record instrument, the United States is paying attention to, and gradually increase procurement efforts. The United States as the world's police, its exemplary behavior will affect other countries, so the current world law enforcement recorder market window has been opened. As a law enforcement recorder industry leader, not only to do a good job, but also in the world to establish China's image in the international market to build Chinese brands.

     There is no doubt that law enforcement recorder market will become increasingly large, but also to promote law enforcement in China and the world standardization process. For the mainstream law enforcement recorder manufacturers, should be based on the needs of users R & D products, the use of "Internet +" thinking and public innovation, the concept of Peoples business, leading the entire law enforcement recorder industry continues to move forward.

     It is based on the understanding of market demand, there are a number of products and the Ministry of Public Security has been testing and certification. The main products include: 3G / 4G intelligent law enforcement recorder, on-site law enforcement recorder, electronic information collection station, police intelligent driving recorder, law enforcement recorder evidence overall solution software system, the general law enforcement instrument information management system.

      The video recorder realizes the real-time transmission of audio and video, 3G4G call, global real-time network intercom, GPS global real-time positioning, real-time command and so on the industry's leading function, leading the Chinese law enforcement instrument products into the Internet + law enforcement instrument era. Greatly improve the efficiency of law enforcement and the accuracy of the background command, timely, to reduce the burden of law enforcement officers attendance, is the public security, traffic police, military, urban management, electricity, construction and other law enforcement agencies and enterprises to implement audio and video real-time remote command, Of the best equipment. If you are interested in our products and services, please call the hotline: 400-8353-880.

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