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Andayun video monitoring system help promote China 's legal construction

Source:Shenzhen Baianda Communication Co,. Ltd.Time:2017-02-14

     In recent years, especially since the convening of the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), all law enforcement agencies of the government have carried out beneficial exploration and attempts to strengthen law enforcement, improve the environment for law enforcement and improve the relationship between the government and the public. Public relations activities. But in recent years, illegal and criminal incidents are still frequent occurrences, still reflects the intensity of police law enforcement and police relations grim situation. Improve the enforcement of law enforcement officers, speed up the law enforcement, building a harmonious law enforcement environment is imminent. Building a sound law enforcement environment must strengthen the timeliness of police work, normative and "human nature", while increasing the destruction of people's harmonious life of the wrongdoing efforts.

     Law enforcement (or inspection) work to carry out and management has been the topic of concern to the whole society, a large number of public security, transport, urban management, quality supervision, customs, industry and commerce, fire, drug, environmental protection, culture and other government law enforcement staff, Law enforcement officers are often subject to time, space, equipment, network and other factors, can not be efficient and fast to carry out the work. In the face of the new situation of law enforcement, the existing law enforcement office environment can not fully meet the law enforcement agencies law enforcement needs. How the first line at the scene at any time to call the object of historical data audit, how to complete the newly discovered problems reported as soon as possible in the face of major problems when the rapid access to effective support of the unit system, etc., which have become inspectors face problem.

     Anda cloud mobile police system can be online office system, integrated business management system extends to the mobile terminal, to achieve mobile. To facilitate the leadership of the processing of various types of processes outside the approval and e-mail, but also to improve the law enforcement officers to conduct case cues entry, case cues and to do the work of law enforcement and other processing speed.

     Law enforcement industry is a "mobile, sudden, urgent" characteristics of the industry. Correspondingly, law enforcement officers must have high intelligence, high level and high technology as a strong support. A sound mobile enforcement system should be able to meet the following needs:

     1, police information query needs
     Because the work of the law enforcement agencies are characterized by mobility, suddenness and urgency, the current law enforcement office system can not satisfy the relevant information of law enforcement officers on real-time inquiry related cases (such as case type, case source, case acceptance, , The relevant documents, evidence photos, etc.) needs, and thus can not make law enforcement officers quickly based on the information to the specific situation to make the appropriate treatment. Leading to anytime, anywhere access to public security business information to help solve the wanted, investigation, interception, search and other frontline work in the query.

     2, on-site data acquisition needs
     Law enforcement officers in the field of law enforcement, the need for on-site forensics, verification, record log, to duty, security, traffic control, criminal investigation and other purposes. The law enforcement agencies can not meet the original office system at any time through the image, video, text and other forms of record cases and transmitted to the law enforcement platform for processing, in order to communicate timely and smooth demand.

     3, law enforcement agencies office needs
     Law enforcement officials need to have access to the internal system at any time to understand real-time dynamics and handle the relevant approval processes, while law enforcement officers are often in a "mobile state" in the enforcement process, resulting in new information silos that enable information queries, data reporting, And other information communication and collaboration is difficult to achieve timely and effective.

     4, the internal efficient management needs
     Law enforcement agencies in the strengthening of the internal staff system management and government construction, demand growth faster, and the law enforcement agencies of the original office system can not fully meet the needs of law enforcement officers efficient management.

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