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Let's tell you: the application and development of big data in intelligent transportation

Source:Shenzhen Baianda Communication Co,. Ltd.Time:2017-02-14

  With the rapid development of the city, traffic congestion, traffic pollution is increasingly serious, frequent traffic accidents, these are the major cities to be solved. At present, intelligent transportation has become the key to improve urban traffic. Therefore, it is a prerequisite for building intelligent transportation system to acquire traffic data and construct traffic data processing model timely and accurately, and this problem can be solved by large data technology. It can be said that when the intelligent traffic encounter large data, as manganese dioxide in the preparation of oxygen in the experiment as a catalyst, a severe chemical reaction exacerbated the common development of the two sides. This paper will analyze the application and value of large data in ITS.

  Intelligent traffic matches the big data

    The main platform of intelligent transportation mainly includes physical sensing layer, software application platform, analysis and forecasting and optimization management application. The physical sensing layer is mainly for the perception of traffic conditions and traffic data. The software application platform integrates the information of each sensing terminal, Transformation and processing to support the analysis of early warning and optimization management application system construction; analysis and forecasting and optimization management applications, including traffic planning, traffic monitoring, intelligent induction, intelligent parking and other applications.

       Intelligent transportation system using advanced video surveillance, intelligent identification and information technology means to increase the management of space, time and scope, and continuously enhance the breadth of management, depth and sophistication. The whole system consists of information integrated application platform, signal control system, video surveillance system, intelligent bayonet system, electronic police system, information collection system, information release system, etc., in order to achieve four objectives: First, improve the capacity, Reduce traffic accidents, the third is to crack down on illegal events, the fourth is to provide travel information services.

智能交 通整体应用架构图

      The core of the whole system is the collection, storage and calculation of data. The most important core idea is that "data is value". At present, the important question is how to convert the data into value, which becomes a technical problem.

      From a statistical point of view, any dynamic development of any field as long as there is enough sample data, it will be able to find from the sample data dynamic development of the law. The more data, the higher the accuracy. This "law" is the value of the data. For the public security industry, you can analyze the regional crime trends, in advance to prevent and reduce the crime rate; also for the public security industry, to analyze the trend of the user's behavior, to improve the sales rate; to analyze the target market law, fixed-point advertising to reduce costs and so on; Can analyze the law of traffic behavior, do traffic guidance in advance, improve traffic patency rate, which can really dig the potential value of the data to improve its social value.

      Since the beginning of the 20th century, the network has now entered a highly connected stage. Networking at the same time, the data is highly concentrated, the amount of data increased dramatically. According to IDC, the Internet data is now doubling every two years. This growth rate is equally effective in the intelligent transportation industry. With the increase of the number of bayonets, electric police and cameras, it is clear and intelligent. A variety of sensors on the Internet, the next few years the amount of data may increase significantly higher than the growth rate, which for the intelligent transportation industry to provide large data to provide a data base.

      Specifically, intelligent traffic and large data fit from three angles:

      First of all, from the application of maturity, today, whether bayonet, electronic police or video surveillance are the image and video data for the semantic and structured processing of the most mature, most complete, the application of the deepest areas. Intelligent transportation is likely to be the first in the emerging technology and application areas to break through the bottleneck of data application technology.
      Second, from a technical point of view, including large data, cloud computing technology architecture in the first intelligent traffic in the ground, intelligent transportation will also lead the wisdom of the city's various sub-modules of the technical trends and trends.
      Finally, from the user's point of view associated with the user, the intelligent traffic will eventually affect each person riding, driving, bus travel experience. Every citizen can have a very good traffic order experience, which requires intelligent transportation technology to support the realization of the program.

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