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Safe mining, Benefit the country

◆  Background and introduction

     China is the world's largest coal consumption and production countries, the coal industry continues, healthy and stable development of the healthy operation of the national economy and the basic needs of the people's livelihood protection, coal industry is growing at the same time, also facing the safe production pressure. In recent years, mine accidents frequent, coal mine safety production issues increasingly become the focus of the whole society. The State Administration of Safety Supervision, the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau have issued a series of safety production laws and regulations, 2010 State Administration of Quality Supervision, 168 orders, clear requirements in the national coal mine to establish and improve the safe and safe "six systems" to ensure the safety of coal production , Also identified the role of monitoring and monitoring system. Video supervision system as an objective, mature, stable safety supervision means, in the security role of the huge, has been widely recognized by the coal industry. In addition to the distribution of coal mines scattered, harsh environment, the scene environment and the terrain is more complex, the construction of a video integrated monitoring system is necessary. Coal mine safety supervision work will be "air defense" to "technical defense" change, security technology and products in the coal industry, the application of deepening.

 Range of video monitoring 
     Production site monitoring - real-time monitoring of coal mine factory entrance, perimeter, large scene, coal mouth, coal field, scale area and office area and real-time monitoring, and the video image information uploaded to the county coal bureau sub-control center, and then through the county Coal Bureau sub-control center uploaded to the city coal control center.
     Monitoring and dispatching center - system background in the county coal bureau control center and the city coal bureau general control center construction video monitoring system, access video surveillance real-time monitoring, to achieve alarm video linkage and emergency dispatch command.

      Andyun coal mine monitoring system is set daily production management, security precautions, accident prevention and accident emergency rescue command as an integrated dynamic security video surveillance system. Through the system can improve the hazard monitoring and early warning and accident hidden trouble investigation and management capabilities, the accident hidden danger in the bud, so as to prevent and prevent the occurrence of accidents; at the same time for the accident rescue timely and accurate rescue information, greatly enhance accident rescue Ability to minimize the loss of the accident.

Structure of system


◆  Functions and advantages

     In the coal mine construction of video surveillance system, real-time collection of video images, voice, alarm, ambient temperature and humidity information;
     Front audio, video, data information through the optical fiber line to the jurisdiction of the county Coal Bureau sub-control center, county coal bureau control and then upload to the city coal bureau general control center;
     The monitoring center can check the video saved by the coal mine factory, carry on the relevant control to the camera and realize the two-way voice intercom function at all levels;
     Three levels of platform deployment, cascade, support sub-control and total control to share video information, to achieve the coal mine, the county coal bureau control center image access and integration functions;
     Multi-level user management, general control, sub-control level monitoring center deployed video integrated management platform for all access to the unified management of video data;
     With openness and scalability, to achieve with the emergency office, the Office of Safety Production information sharing, to ensure that the late coal mine expansion of video surveillance access.

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