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After-sale Service

 After-sale service items

In order to make the majority of consumers at ease, satisfied with the use of our products, our company will be strictly in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations issued by the state, a reasonable provision of the company's after-sales service system. 

Purchase Notes:

Consumers in the purchase of my company's products should fill out the contents of a complete warranty card, and stamped with the dealer's seal.

The Range:

Our products from the date of sale within 7 days of normal use if the failure, consumers can choose to refund, replacement, maintenance and other services. Consumers to buy my company's products, within a year if the failure of non-human damage can be free warranty. For those who do not meet the free replacement or free warranty service to consumers, our company still provides technical services, when the need to replace parts only need to charge the material costs.

Start Time:

The date of invoice or receipt issued by the dealer.

One of the following items excepted:

1) all human factors damage and use of non-normal working environment, not according to the instructions used or not in accordance with the instructions indicated by the use of the environment caused by the failure and damage;
2) without the consent of the Company, the user unauthorized demolition, repair, modified products;
3) the damage caused by bad transportation after the purchase of our products;
4) Damage caused by other non-resistant (such as floods, lightning, earthquakes, abnormal voltage);
5) normal use of the old, wear, rupture and dip;
6) products that do not belong to the company (such as fake);
7) can not produce valid shopping vouchers, no warranty card and so on
8) body bar code is damaged.

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