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Shenzhen Baianda Communication Co,. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focus on intelligent monitoring and commanding system solutions and grouped equipments R&D, manufacture, sales and maintaince for years,  And we're the first one making Chinese professional law enforcement recorder get intelligent.

Now some peoducts including video recorder | Enforcement recorder | Data acquisition workstation | Date management platform and etc. have passed the examination of national public security ministry.

As a police law enforcement recorder R & D manufacturing enterprises, from the second generation of law enforcement products, electronic

evidence front-end collection, automated copy upload, cross-regional cross-level management and query calls and other traditional features, the first to achieve law enforcement recorder products Into the intelligent era of the leap, the function of the law enforcement to obtain evidence of real-time transmission of audio and video, 3G4G call, the global real-time network intercom GPS global real-time positioning, real-time command and other real-time background command, leading the Chinese law enforcement device products into the Internet + Law enforcement instrument era. Greatly improve the efficiency of law enforcement and the accuracy of the background command, timely, to reduce the burden of law enforcement officers attendance, is the public security, traffic police, military, urban management, electricity, construction and other law enforcement agencies and enterprises to implement audio and video real-time remote command, The best equipment.

       Baianda with its strong technical force, both hardware and software industry chain, can provide customers with intelligent single police law enforcement evidence of the overall solution. The most advanced and most personalized high-tech products; with its accurate market positioning "focus on research and development and production," agents can provide sales agents and OEM flexible and diverse cooperation model; with its most complete hardware and software Product line, to meet the market demand for different consumer products; the highest cost of its market price positioning, partners can improve market competitiveness and create the best interests. We welcome all parts of the country visit the compa- ny to visit the guide, negotiate cooperation.

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